Standard Horizon HX40: Cutting-Edge Marine Handheld Transceiver

If you and your marine buddies have been separated while canoeing or kayaking, don't struggle to paddle towards each other without knowing their exact location. Connect quickly and easily with the Standard Horizon HX40 marine handheld transceiver.

With this top-tier VHF radio, you’ll be able to easily stay in touch with your paddling partner by speaking to them on the radio—no matter how far apart you are! It also comes with an FM broadcast radio receiver for when you want to kick back and listen to your favorite radio station with your marine buddies.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique features and benefits of HX40. We’ll discuss why it’s become a staple of many sea-goers toolkits and what you can expect when you take one for a spin.


Standard Horizon hx40 Features

The Standard Horizon HX40 is a state-of-the-art portable VHF maritime radio ideal for recreational and commercial boaters. Created with safety and convenience in mind, it includes many features to enhance the communication experience.

Dot Matrix Display

The HX40 comes with a Dot Matrix display which is a very clear, bright, and backlit display. This helps make reading easier in all lighting conditions, allowing quick, easy access to all vital information.

6W/2.5W/1W Transmit Power Output

The selectable transmit power output of 6/2.5/1W allows users to adjust the transmission power to suit their needs. Users can conserve battery life and extend communication range when needed by reducing the power output.

600mW Loud Audio Output

The HX40 is designed to provide a loud, clear sound output of up to 600mW. This lets users hear clearly even in noisy maritime conditions; helping them stay connected even when conditions are less than ideal.

Preset Key

The preset key on the HX40 allows users to store up to 10 of their favorite channels for quick access. This helps make accessing frequently-used channels easy without having to scroll through an entire list of channels.

CH16/S Quick Access

This feature allows users to quickly access Channel 16, the international distress channel, and the sub-channel, making it faster and easier to reach in case of an emergency.

Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

The HX40 comes with a built-in Lithium Polymer battery pack, which provides an impressive 7.4V and 1850mAh of power. This allows users to continuously use the HX40 for up to 8.5 hours without having to recharge.

Why Horizon HX40?

The Standard Horizon HX40 offers a range of benefits that are relevant and important for the user. Below are the most essential advantages of HX40 for a user.

  • Compact Size

The Standard Horizon HX40 is very compact, measuring only 2.05"W x 3.74"H x 1.3"D and weighing 8.1 ounces. This makes it ideal for an outdoor or similarly constrained environment, as it can fit comfortably in the pocket or bag of the user. It also reduces the need for additional carrying cases or other bulky accessories.

  • NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Alerts

The HX40 offers NOAA weather channels and alerts, allowing the user to access weather forecasts and reports for the areas in which they are sailing. This is hugely beneficial as it will enable users to be prepared and take appropriate action to deal with conditions that may pose a danger.

  • Scanning Operation and Multi-Watch

The HX40 incorporates an effective scanning operation, allowing multiple connections and frequencies to be scanned simultaneously. It also has multi-watch capabilities (dual watch and triple watch), allowing for two or three channels simultaneously. This function is handy if the user requires multiple connections at once or when traveling to fluctuating areas.

  • Optional Flotation Case

The Standard Horizon HX40 can go underwater up to 1 meter (3.3') as it’s IPX7 waterproof rated. An optional flotation case can also be purchased, giving extra buoyancy to the unit; this is especially good in maritime emergencies when the user is already floundering.

  • Easy to Operate Menu System

The menu system of the HX40 is well-presented and straightforward to use, with a clear search and selection process for the user. The unit also comes with a well-designed user manual, providing comprehensive guidance for the radio user.

  • 3-Year Waterproof Warranty

Standard Horizon provides a 3-year waterproof warranty for the HX40, allowing systemic errors to be rectified without additional cost to the user. This guarantee is reassuring for those who require reliable and long-term performance from their radio.

Which is Better, the Standard Horizon HX40 or the HX300?

Both the Standard Horizon HX40 and the HX300 are good options, but the best choice depends on your needs. The HX40 is smaller and lighter but does not charge off USB, so you can’t share the same charger with your other devices.

The HX300, on the other hand, does have USB charging capabilities, which makes it easier to charge on a multi-day trip by bringing a USB power bank. Ultimately, it is up to you to make the best decision for your situation.

It is also worth mentioning that although the Standard horizon HX40 has a much larger battery capacity and higher standby current than the HX300, the battery life is similar. This has to do with the functionalities of the HX40, as it supports several other features that draw considerable amounts of power, such as dual-watch and triple-watch VHF coverage.


What is the battery life of a Standard Horizon HX40?

The battery life of a Standard Horizon HX40 can last up to 9 hours on 5-watt settings and about 7 to 8 hours on 6-watt settings when kept at full volume. It can be recharged conveniently by using its included charging base.

Can you use the Standard Horizon HX40 to listen to a common radio station?

Yes, the Standard Horizon HX40 can be used to listen to a common radio station because its expanded receiver allows it to tune in to FM radio stations between 76 MHz and 108 MHz.

What is the approximate transmission range of a Standard Horizon HX40 marine radio?

The approximate transmission range of the Standard Horizon HX40 marine radio is about 5 miles in ideal line of site conditions.


The Standard Horizon HX40 is the premier marine handheld transceiver for any boater or sailor. This device is incredibly user-friendly, with a bright DOT matrix display and simple scanning controls. It also sports an expanded receiver for tuning to FM radio stations. With its compact size and robust waterproof rating, the HX40 is an ideal choice for outdoor and marine operations. Its NOAA weather channel with alerts, scanning functions, and menu system also add to its user-friendly appeal, along with its reliable 3-year waterproof warranty.


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