Pacer Step-Down Butt Splices w/Blue Heat Shrink - 22-18 AWG to 16-14 AWG - 100 Pack [TBSDE14-18-100]

Pacer Step-Down Butt Splices w/Blue Heat Shrink - 22-18 AWG to 16-14 AWG - 100 Pack [TBSDE14-18-100]


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Step-Down Butt Splices with Blue Heat Shrink - 22-18 AWG to 16-14 AWG - 100 Pack

In an electrical system, there may be times when connecting one wire to multiple wires is needed. Alternatively, there may be times when connecting two different gauge wires is needed. In situations like this, users would use step-down butt splices with colored heat shrink.

Heat-shrink butt splices protect against the elements in the most challenging of environments. They offer the best moisture protection available. These step-down heat-shrink butt splices have an adhesive liner. This liner provides a durable, rugged, environmentally sealed connection for wires between 18 AWG - and 14 AWG. It protects from physical abuse and abrasion, water, salt, and other corrosive compounds. Step-down butt splices join two wires to one. The colored dash on the tubing indicates the wire size for the connector, and this blue one indicates 16-14 AWG. 

Step-down heat-shrink butt splices are used to connect different gauge wires. They are also used to connect multiple wires of the same size. So, users could connect a 10 AWG wire to a 12 AWG wire or connect a 12 AWG wire to two 12 AWG wires. The first step is to properly strip the wires to the correct length. If users look inside the butt splice, an indentation where the wires should butt up against can be seen. Also, be careful to make sure that the butt splice and the wire insulation are touching. If not, users run the risk of weakening the connection.

Next, the stripped wire is inserted into one side of the butt splice and crimped with the proper tool. This crimp bends the connector around the wire. This crimp creates a solid connection. On the other side, two wires are added. After crimping, perform the tug test to make sure the wires don't pull out. Once the wire has passed the test, apply heat to the heat shrink, working outward. Be careful not to burn the butt splice or the wire insulation. Now a durable, environmentally protected connection is created. Remember, butt splices are useful for their rapid installation and durability. Other methods of connection may not offer the same level of protection.


  • Protects terminations from water, condensation, salt spray, and corrosion
  • Added vibration protection in rugged environments
  • Provides strain relief


  • UL
  • CSA
  • RoHS

Technical Specifications:

  • Shrink Ratio: Approx. 3:1 at 135 degrees C
  • Operating Temperature: -55 degrees C - 125 degrees C
  • Vol. Resistivity: 1015 Ohm-cm3
  • Dielectric Strength: 900V/mil
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Guage (AWG): 22-18 AWG to 16-14 AWG
  • Max. Wire Insulation Outer Diameter: 0.21 in.
  • Heat Shrink Color: Blue

*Sold as a pack of 100

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